Upcoming Projects

In this posting I will be discussing upcoming projects. In the next few weeks I will be getting back into the workshop again, working on two projects. I will be working my Silver #22 drill press and making a coffee table for the living room. I have almost unpacked all the parts of the drill and will be starting back at it. The drill press will become an instrumental part of my shop with a few projects that are planed for the future. 

My tools are also getting sharpened to make a new coffee table. I will be making it based off David Thiel’s Great Danish Modern Table (google book link), with a few changes. I came across the plan one day at Lee Valley, The Table Book was on clearance for eight dollars. Books on clearance are something that I can’t pass easily on, so I bought it. I am looking forward to making the table as it is quite different from what I usually make. As usual, it will be all built with hand tools, but the plan describes how it was done with power tools. So I am mostly using the plan just for the dimensions and the drawings. Many of my projects are built this way, without detailed instruction, so that will be of no issue. You just have to be confident in your abilities and plan well. The legs and stretchers will be walnut, and the top will be maple. I am hoping to find some nice figured maple locally for this project. 

I am doing a kitchen renovation that is getting closer to completion, and plan on getting back into the shop for these and many more projects

The Workshop

I recently moved into a different house and a larger workshop. My previous shop space was a small 8’ by 10’ spare room. It was ok, but way too small. I was constantly doing things in different places for space sake, which wasted a lot of time. I also had so sacrifice bench size for room to be able to work. While I was able to do a lot of the work I was wanting to do, I am sure glad for the new space.

The new shop I’m in is much larger, at about 11’ by 21’ it feels quite large compared to what I’m used to working in. This gives me room to set up a permanant sharpening area, a larger workbench (stay tuned), sink, and more storage. I am still setting things up and organizing, but here is a picture of the shop.  Here is the view from the entrance. 


I share the area with the furnace, which works fine. Using hand tools only, there is not very much dust, but when I am sawing a lot or sanding, I use a dust filer which is hanging above my tool chest. It works quite well at keeping the dust down. Next to the door on the right I have a cabinet where I keep finishing supplies and random objects. My panel gauge and frame saw are on the wall here as well. Its always important to keep a fire extinguisher around the shop as well. Next to this area there is a window, and where I keep my clean up supplies and scrap bin. Next to the scrap bin is my workbench. It is based off the design in Roy Underhill’s book The Woodwright’s Apprentice. I did some small changes to the design. It was made to the largest size that I could use in my last shop, and has served well through the years. It also doubles as lumber storage which adds some much needed weight to the bench. It will be being replaced soon with a new bench, which I will be showing on this site. 


Above the bench there is simple tool rack to hold items i use every day, and a few other small things. This simple set up keeps things really easy to get with little else in the way which I find saves time. Some tool racks are way to cluttered to me. Next to the bench is my tool chest with air filter above it. This layout keeps the tools just a few steps away, as well as away from dust. Next area is my clamp storage rack. I built this clamp rack several years ago to store clamps behind the door, and find it an easy way to grab the clamp you need fast. I also store my saw bench in this area, axes, as well as some wood storage.


This wood will be used for my up coming workbench. It is white oak that was procured from a local saw mill a few years back. After the completion of the workbench, I will have a spring pole lathe that will be built at The Woodwright’s School going in  this area. This is also where some supplies are  stored in boxes as well as an old dresser. I am trying to decide on what kind of storage I want to put in this area. Im thinking I may build a simple cabinet with doors to keep everything in and dust out. The last area is my sharpening station. I keep my singer treadle grinder here with my water stones. There is a shelf to hold sharpening items and anything I couldn’t find a place for yet. So far this setup is working fine for me and I plan to get a few more storage areas worked out as I get things set up a bit more. 


Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour of the shop, and stay tuned for the next blog posting.

Welcome to Shane’s blog

Welcome to my blog. I have been working around with the idea for this site for quite some time and am finally getting it done. It now features a few of the projects that I have done in the past. I will be posting new projects in this blog format as well as updating the site in general. I will be showing my work as I go in a variety of projects. First I will be finishing off my Silver #22 drill press as well as a wood working project. I have just moved into a new shop and am still getting set up so I will be showing my shop set up as I go. There are some interesting projects planned for the future on this site and I hope you come back often as I get everything up and running. 

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