Electric Guitar

Guitar 13

I finally got around to building myself an electric guitar. I have been planing on making guitars for years, I have been reading up, collecting tools and finally gave it a shot. It was a really fun project and I will be making more. There was no power tools used in the woodworking of this, it was all done by hand, as with all my woodworking projects. Here are some specs:

- Flame maple / Sitka spruce chambered body

- Aluminum Nut

-Ebony Fretboard with 12” radius

-Maple neck with walnut veneered headstock

-Klusen tuners

-T.K Smith CAR pickups

-Bigsby vibrato

-Inlaid pick guard

Guitar 15

This instrument is inspired by the work of Paul Bigsby on the guitars he made in the 1950’s. I love playing it and can’t wait to start my next one. Below are some pictures of various stages of construction. 

Guitar 1Guitar 2Guitar 3Guitar 4Guitar 5Guitar 6Guitar 7Guitar 8Guitar 9Guitar 11
Guitar 10
Guitar 12
Guitar 14
Guitar 16

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