Douglas Fir Desk


I have been wanting to build a desk for my personal use for a while now, and happened to come across some live edge Douglas Fir that would be perfect for it. It is primarily used for my computer and music needs. I sat down and came up with some drawings and set out to work. The live edge was utilized on the front edge of the top and for the shelf. I designed a craftsman style inspired base. This inspiration was not only used for style, but also for the joinery. The only fasteners used in the construction are for the drawer handles and attaching the top. The entire base is mortised and tenoned together. The top incorporates a solid slab of fir, with some dutchmen added to help prevent the cracks from spreading. They also look great.

The desk is finished with blonde shellac, the crack is filled with a historical filler using burnt umber as a pigment. The finish was hand rubbed then waxed. 

Below is some pictures of the completed desk.


Fall Update

Welcome. It has been quite some that I’ve posted a blog entry, I have only slacked  off on the blog, not in the workshop. Several projects have been completed in the past few months with some new ideas and plans coming around the corner.

So let's start with new projects. Some of these have been shown on Twitter, Pinterest and more recently Instagram.

Dutch Tool Chest


I built this Dutch Tool Chest using white pine and a breadboard walnut top. The chest was built all by hand as usual and finished with General Finishes Lamp Black milk paint and Tried and True Varnish Oil for the top. This project is fairly easy to build and gave me extra storage. (I have either too many tools or a storage problem, I decided to solve to storage problem)

Moxon Style Vise

I built this moon style vise using walnut for the jaws and some maple for the screws. The same finishes as above were used.

Silver #22 Drill Press

I finally finished my drill press! It hadn’t been worked on in a bit but I am finally done it. The drill press project part of this site is being updated and will be finished soon. There will be more pictures and some of the processes I’ve done to get this finished. It works very well in operation. 

There is also a desk that I designed and built that I will be showing in the next entry, you can see a pic of the completed desk on Instagram. Till next time.

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