Saw Filing Bench

Saw Bench1

With not having much room in the shop, it can be tough to find a place to sharpen my saws. I don’t really want to have metal filings on my bench, and needed a place to mount my saw vise so it can be ready when required. My old work bench was being used up until recently, but room was needed for a new tool in the shop (more on that in a later entry). While reading the book Working with Hand Tools Essential Techniques for Woodworking by Paul N. Hasluck, I came across an image of a saw filing bench (I’m not sure if I can share the image in the blog, so here is a link to it else where on the web were you can find it here) on page 72, fig 274. This little bench could solve a few issues in my shop such as, the permeant mounting of my saw vise, storing my sharping tools, and acting as a second saw bench when needed for long cuts. 

Saw Bench3

The bench is constructed out of a standard spruce 2x10 from a big box store. I wanted a 2x12 but they didn’t carry them at the location near me. The bench was constructed from one nine foot board, and some clear pine was also purchased for the drawer sides and bottom. The front was done with some scrap walnut. 

Saw Bench5

The details of construction were quite limited in the book, but it gave more then enough to get it easily built. The height of the seat was made to match my saw bench, so it can be used to help support stock when needed. The seat is joined to the legs with wedged tenons (used walnut for some contrast), and has a camber around the edge to make it more comfortable. The drawer is hung under the seat on maple sliders, and the front is attached with half blind dovetails, while the rear with rabbit joint. 

Saw Bench2

The legs are finished with General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint and the seat with blond shellac, rubbed with 0000 steel wool, then waxed. This finish has been easy to clean and looks good. The Gramercy Tools Saw Vise was completed with some walnut scales added to the handle with some brass rivets. The drawer is fitted with a primitive ring pull from Lee Valley.

Hows the filing bench in use? It works good, I am much more comfortable while sharping. I like the use my saw bench as an additional seat so I can sit off to one side when sharping in certain directions. The addition of saw bench also helps when using some of my treadle activated saw sets as well. It also added quite a bit of storage for most of my saw sharping tools that are used on a regular basis. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a place to mount a saw vise or build it with the vise as shown in the book. If you don’t have room for a dedicated larger saw area, go for this.

Saw Bench4

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