Here are some projects I’m working on or have completed. Some were finished before the site was started and are just descriptions and pictures, some are more detailed steps. I will feature current projects with detailed steps in the blog area.

- Hand Powered Drill Press

-Foley Saw Machines

- Planes

- Treadle Grinder

- Stickley 642 Nightstands

- Guitar Amp

- Anarchists Tool Chest

- Frame Saw & Kerfing Plane

- Funeral Chair

- Stanley #945 Brace

- Broad Axe

-Paint Making

Notice: When doing restoration projects always check what you have first. Please do not ruin good condition, rare or otherwise fine tools. I usually only do these projects on tools of little value to bring them back to life and use. I also have some old tools from the 1800’s in nice condition that I use as well, that I would never refinish.

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