Bottom support1

I started reassembly by first attaching the body of the drill press to a post, which was made from two 2x6’s that were bolted to some framing that was previously put in the wall. The post was given a quick coat of shellac to seal and give a bit of colour to the spruce. Then it was time to fix the bottom support for the shaft that the table moves on. It had a broken off corner when I purchased it, and was in need of repair. I need some steel to blend in, and some rail road track that I had kicking around was perfect. I cut a small corner off to near size (right) and brazed it onto the cast iron (below left). It was then ground flat (below right) and painted (bottom right).

Braze1 Ground2botsupport2

Then the table support was painted. They were then put on the post with the body of the drill (below).

Top end1

Now that the main parts were on the wall, it was just a matter of reassembling and painting a few more parts. The chuck shaft and associated hardware were cleaned (left) and put on (below), the shaft was taken to a machine shop and made to accept a 5/8” shank so I could use a modern chuck. 


Then it was time to clean all the gears and the automatic drive assembly on (below right and left). The spindles for the gears were also cleaned of any paint that was on them. The moving parts were given a bit of oil during assembly. 

Gears and drive1gears and drive2 table tap1

Now I turned my attention to the drill press table. This part was not original to the machine and was removed from another post drill. The size of the mount was a bit small so it was drilled out and tapped to a more appropriate size (left). Then the table as painted on the base and edge (below left),  the top was cleaned and flattened (not a fun process). Once complete, the table was mounted to the drill press (below right).



Next was to clean and install the flywheel (left) and handle. The wood on the handle was finished with some linseed oil.

The drill press is now complete, and is nice to work with. Below are some completed pictures.


© Shane Larson 2018