Now that the parts are all cleaned and ready to go it is time for painting. The parts were painted in an order so the drill could be reassembled as it was finished. The body was painted first. This is the largest object I have painted with my asphaltum paint, and it was not easy. I have a small kitchen oven and a toaster oven that the paint is baked in, and this as about as big as I can get in my oven. I first painted the back of the drill where it mounts then sat it on the tray and painted the rest. It was baked at 250 for 30 min, then 350 for 30 min and finally 400 for 45 min. Then it was cooled in the oven. Most parts require three coats or so to get a nice finish, with light scuffing with synthetic steel wool (or light scuffing pad). After the body was complete the rest of the parts were painted with the same method. Below is some pictures of the process.

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