Prep For Painting

After the parts were dry and cleaned from the electrolysis, the next step was to prepare them for painting. I usually use small wire wheels in a cordless drill to get any areas the electrolysis may have missed and to remove any scale that was on the parts. Using an assortment of wire wheels(shown below) I quickly went over the parts. You don’t need to go crazy just do a quick pass. 

IMG 0234 (1)

Here is an assortment of wire brushes that I use in parts cleaning.

After the wire wheeling it is time to clean the items for painting. I usually use alcohol to clean all the parts after the wire wheel process. It usually takes a bit, but clean till a paper towel looks clean after rubbing the part. Try not to touch the part with your bare skin or anything between cleaning and painting. If you won’t be painting for quite some time, you can just give them a quick clean before painting. 


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