Here is my repaired and restored Stanley brace. I purchased it from a local antique store I deal with for 2 dollars. Some tools seem to be hard to find locally so I figured what the heck. The handle had been broken, it the top wouldn’t turn and it was rusty. I disassembled, soaked in citric acid and wire wheeled all the parts on my hand cranked grinder. The handle was repaired with 2 little splines and some glue, the sanded and stained. The metal was coated with wax and the handles were finished with linseed oil followed by beeswax. The drill functions well and it is my primary brace for use in the shop.


Here is the brace before restoration. It was a fairly quick job to get it back drilling again.


Top, the handle was repaired with splines. They have been used for several years when this picture was taken, they have been holding up well. Right, the chuck is still rust free years later. Bottom, the knob spins nice after the cleaning and a bit of oil.



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