Stickley 642 Nightstands

I have always wanted to make a set of nightstands. After looking for a while, I found the Stickley 642 to be the ones for me. The styling lets the beauty of the wood to shine through, and walnut was the choice species for me.

First up, was all the stock prep and selection. I hand cut, planed and squared the stock and marked all the joinery.  There was a fair amount of joinery to cut in this project, and it was all done by hand. 

Above are the mortices in the legs. The rear legs have intersecting mortices. When glueing up the mortices, you only want to glue the top mortices, to allow for downward seasonal expansion. Below are the tenons.

Here are both nightstands after glue up.

After Glue up came making the drawers and tops. For the drawers, I went with maple the contrast well with the walnut, with side hung wooden sliders, and half blind dovetails.


After building all the parts it was ready for finishing. The finish I decided upon was 2 coats of linseed oil that I processed, rubbed with rottenstone to act as a grain filler, then after it dried, I put many coats of amber shellac on the outside, and super blonde on the maple parts. After all of that, figured I may as well do a coat of wax for good measure. 

Above, both stands ready for finish. Below, stand before and after oil and rottenstone.

Here are some pics after completion.

I found the pictures do not do the finish justice, they were taken with a older smartphone. The project was very enjoyable, and is a welcome addition to my home.


© Shane Larson 2018